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Power for Living

Preacher: Dean Wiebracht

Series: Getting Ready to Grow

Category: Growing in Christ

Passage: Galatians 5:16-26

Hi Folks,
Greetings on a beautiful Friday morning.
Have you had any trouble getting around in the snow?  Sounds like they've really had problems down in Portland, with widespread traffic snarls due to the storm they had a couple days ago.
The basic problem, of course, is a lack of traction.  Snow and ice + unsalted roads +  cars without chains ... it all adds up to a major headache.
Sometimes we lack traction in our Christian lives.  We know we're to be living godly, fruitful, Christ-centered lives - but we just can't seem to get traction.
We've talked about the importance of being grounded in the gospel, and in a deep awareness of the righteousness we now have in Christ.  This Sunday we'll talk about the all-important role of the Holy Spirit.  He's the one who gives us Power for Living.
Standing in grace,
Pastor Dean