Home Groups

Many of us have found that a great way to grow and get connected is through joining a home group.  These are small groups that meet during the week for the purpose of prayer, Bible study, and just enjoying one another. 

Here’s a list of our current home groups.  Give us a buzz if you’d like us to help you find one that’s a good fit for you.  We’re happy to make introductions!

Times and Location of Home Group


Times and Location of Home Groups
1 PM - Cinebar Mark & Ruth Mills  Mark (360) 947-4976   Ruth (360) 601-3731
6:26 PM - Mossyrock Kevin & Joanne McCurry (360) 983-8484

6 - 8PM - Onalaska, Family Friendly                        (1st and 3rd weeks)

Steven and Sarah Johnson (360) 978-5369

6:00PM - Onalaska

Jeff & Laura Oien (360) 978-4684   Hosted at Herb and Angie Harmanson's home.

6 - 8PM - Onalaska, Family Friendly

Roy & Amy Larson (360) 978-6071

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