Jesus loves the little children, and we do, too!  Many of us at Shoestring did not
become Christians till we were older, and had made a lot of mistakes before finding life in Christ.  It brings us great joy to see children learning to know and follow Jesus from a young age. 

We view the primary responsibility of leading children to Christ and helping them grow as belonging to parents.  Our children’s ministry aims at supporting the efforts of our parents, as well as reaching out to children who do not come from Christian homes.

  • We have a nursery for infants and toddlers up to 2 years of age.
  • Children’s Sunday School classes are held from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC) is a chronological presentation of the history and truths found in the Bible. The most important theme in all of Scripture  -  the redemption of fallen mankind by Jesus Christ  -  is gradually revealed throughout the Old Testament and brought into sharp focus in the New Testament.

ABC takes students on the fascinating journey through the history of creation, sin, and redemption, stopping along the way to discuss important apologetics ("proofs") and historical events.

All classes will be teaching the same lesson at an appropriate age level beginning a journey through the Bible in chronological order starting in Genesis and finishing in Revelation over the next 4 years.

For additional information about the key concepts of ABC curriculum, input the following link into your browser: 

If you are a member of SVCC, have a heart for children and are interested in serving in the children's program please contact Jim Curtis, Children Ministries Coordinator.


  For more information contact:
  Nursery Vacant
  Sunday School Jim Curtis
  Birth - 2 yrs Room 4
  Sunday School
  3 - 5 yrs Room 5
  6 - 8 yrs Annex #4
  9 - 12 yrs Annex #3
  Teen Girls Annex #1
  Teen Boys TBA