April 04, 2021

He is Risen





Sunday School Note

There are  no children’s or adult Sunday school classes today. Classes will resume next Sunday.


Thanks from the Wright Family

Please let everyone at Shoestring know how much we love them.  We are deeply grateful for you all, for your tremendous love, encouragement, and support. Gwyn is coming to the end of her 2nd round of treatment so she is halfway to being finished with her time with the hospital!  This has been a wonderful opportunity for growth, trust, and ministry. We really appreciate all the prayer that has bathed this entire experience. The Lord has truly given peace that surpasses understanding! We love you all so much. 

Frank, Rhianna, & Family”

Rhianna also says that Gwyn is in remission, and her treatments have been reduced, but she is completing the recommended course of chemotherapy to help prevent the cancer from reoccurring.  Please continue to pray for Gwyn and the Wright family.


2021 Men's Retreat  

Men's Retreat is coming April 16-18, so mark your calendar. Excellent food, both spiritual and physical. Sign-ups starting soon. Any questions, see, email or call Ralph Eck, 360-888-5447.


Library Notes - New Arrivals

Check out the new books in the library!  You'll find 

Creative God, Colorful Us

Finding Hope in Hard Times

Rethink Yourself

Letters to a Romantic

Loving Messy People 


New With Us?

If you are new to Shoestring … Welcome!  Please pick up a visitor card from the Welcome Table in the lobby.  After filling it out, you can drop it in the box labeled, “Visitors Cards,” also on the Welcome Table.  We’re glad you’re here!


The Onalaska School District has a large number of students and families who qualify for the free/reduced federal breakfast and lunch program.  Currently, 

  • 58% of Pre-K students

  • 62% of middle school students

  • 52% of high school students

qualify for this program.  We estimate that the number who qualify, but did not fill out the request form, is even higher.  Many of these students struggle to have nutritious meals available to them over the weekend.  

The Onalaska School District Food Bank will help to ensure that our students with the greatest need will have an opportunity to take food home with them over the weekend, to help sustain their growth and development. 

Students who participate in this program will benefit greatly from the generous donations we anticipate from our community and stakeholders. The school district is grateful for your assistance in helping our students with their nutritional needs.

Our Goal

To provide non-perishable weekend meals to students in need. We hope to help 100 students in grades K-12 each weekend!

The Need

Cash or food donations in the amount of $1,075 per month.

  • ($2.50/meal x 100 student’s x 4.3 weeks/month)

  • Donations of any size are appreciated; but a commitment to ongoing support will assist us with long-term planning.

Cash donations can be given to the Twin Star Credit Union in Onalaska, WA under the “Onalaska Backpack Program”.

Non-perishable food donations can be brought to the Onalaska High School during business hours.

Sample food items include:  

  • A canned entree with a pull top such as beef macaroni, spaghetti, ravioli, tuna, etc.
  • Capri Sun juice
  • ramen noodles
  • 6 oz fruit cup (apple sauce, diced fruit, etc.)
  • granola bar (we try to use something high in protein)
  • cereal


Onalaska High School





Email Addresses

Prayer Chain





Greeters and Ushers

Our greeters and ushers welcome visitors and regular attenders to SVCC each Sunday. 

Would you like to serve in this way?  We have a few openings for ushers and greeters right now. 

Please contact Jim Papineau at:   




To Know Him and to Make Him Known

If we are going to know the Lord and make him known, we must be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2). 

Central to that renewing is regular time in God's word.  You’ll find two different Bible reading plans in the wall rack in the lobby.  Pick up one today and enjoy a year of being encouraged, challenged and equipped by God's inspired word.

Also available online at our website. Download from our reference documents page under Resources. Or click here to go to the reference documents page.

Hallmarks of SVCC

Our Church Motto

Teaching and living the truth of God’s grace.


Our Church Purpose Statement

SVCC has a vision to minister three realities near and far.  We aim to be a place:

  • where sin-prone, sin-bound people regularly experience God’s grace, so that they might be saved and eagerly grow in Christ.
  • where grace-loved people are trained to apply relevant biblical truth, so that grace rebuilds lost foundations of spiritual, personal, family, and community life.
  • where grace-loved and truth-trained people gratefully pass along the good things in Christ that they’ve received so that the chain of grace continues unbroken.


Our Church Covenant

  • We commit ourselves, by the grace of God
  • to build up our fellow Christians.
  • to be active participants in congregational life.
  • to guard the unity and purity of the church.
  • to advance the mission of the church.


Our Church Mission Statement

Our mission is Christ’s mission – extending his kingdom by sending out his people to reach the world with his gospel.  This will be done:

  • by equipping our members to become effective disciple-makers in their personal sphere of influence.
  • by planting disciple-making churches in Lewis County, and
  • by adopting an unreached people group and laboring to see them won to Christ.