February 18, 2018

40 Days for Life

Centralia 40 Days for Life kicks off on Valentine's Day, February 14th! The mission - maintain a nonstop peaceful, redemptive and prayerful presence outside Planned Parenthood from 9 am to 6 pm for 40 days. ​Friday mornings from 9:00-1:00 are SVCC's times.  Sign-up/pick-up information in the foyer or visit the web at Call/email Caroline 360-508-2039/  for more info. 

40 Days for Life

Men's Retreat

The 2018 men’s retreat is scheduled for March 16 - 18 at Falls Creek Retreat Center.  This year’s theme is Marks of a Godly Man

  • Full-weekend attendees receive a $10 discount if paid by February 25. 
  • Bring a family member for the full weekend, and you will both receive a $15 discount. 
  • Bring a family member for two days, and you will both receive a $10 discount. 
  • And if you are only able to make it Saturday, bring a family member and you’ll both receive a $5 discount. 

These discounts apply for all who sign up and pay by February 25. Sign up today in the lobby!

Onalaska Alliance Annual Dinner

 The Onalaska Alliance will be holding its Annual Membership Dinner on

Saturday, February 24, 5 pm at

The Mason Jar Gathering Barn,

637 Leonard Rd, Onalaska.

Guest speaker is Johnny Garcia

Music provided by Amy Larson

Dinner includes:

prime rib




brownies and ice cream. 

Vegetarian option is available by early request. 

Tickets are $5 if pre-ordered, $10 at the door. 

Contact Cathy Murphy, 978-4018, for more information.  

Annual Church Calendar

The 2018 SVCC annual calendar is available in the literature rack in the lobby.


Is a book hiding at your house?

Good news! Many books are being checked out of the church library!!

Not so good news. Some of those books have been missing for months even though the last person who signed the check-out card has returned them. That most likely means some people have forgotten to sign the check-out card when borrowing the books. Some of those books are listed here. Please check to see if they’re hiding at your home!

  • A Hole in Our Holiness, by Kevin De Young
  • Just Do Something (both copies), by DeYoung
  • King James Only Controversy, by James White
  • Connecting, by Larry Crabb
  • Jewish Holy Days by Coulson Shepherd
  • Fascinating Facts about the Holy Land, by Wagner
  • Be Perfect, by Andrew Murray
  • Bringing Up Boys, by James Dobson
  • Ten Girls Who Changed the World, by Irene Howat

BSF News

Bible Study Fellowship is excited to announce the opening of its toddler class at the Chehalis women's class on Wed., Feb. 7th, from 9:30-11 AM at St. John's Lutheran Church.

Now, all women can join in the study of Romans with their children who haven't yet entered 1st grade. Infants continue to attend with their moms. All  women are welcome to attend, including on Thursdays at Shoestring from 9:30-11 AM. 

Contact Judy Parks at 360-623-0194 with any questions.



BSF Logo

Greeters and Ushers

 Our greeters and ushers welcome visitors and regular attenders to SVCC each Sunday.  Would you like to serve in this way?  We have a few openings for ushers and greeters right now.  Please contact Leon Gattis, (360) 978-4745.


Lost and Found


Have you misplaced your favorite sunglasses?  Or perhaps your little girl came home without her sweater, the one you were hoping she’d wear a few more times before winter ends and she outgrows it.  Stop by the table across from the rest rooms to  see if any of your lost items have been found!



Hallmarks of SVCC

Our Church Motto

Teaching and living the truth of God’s grace.


Our Church Purpose Statement

SVCC has a vision to minister three realities near and far.  We aim to be a place:

  • where sin-prone, sin-bound people regularly experience God’s grace, so that they might be saved and eagerly grow in Christ.
  • where grace-loved people are trained to apply relevant biblical truth, so that grace rebuilds lost foundations of spiritual, personal, family, and community life.
  • where grace-loved and truth-trained people gratefully pass along the good things in Christ that they’ve received so that the chain of grace continues unbroken.


Our Church Covenant

  • We commit ourselves, by the grace of God
  • to build up our fellow Christians.
  • to be active participants in congregational life.
  • to guard the unity and purity of the church.
  • to advance the mission of the church.


Our Church Mission Statement

Our mission is Christ’s mission – extending his kingdom by sending out his people to reach the world with his gospel.  This will be done:

  • by equipping our members to become effective disciple-makers in their personal sphere of influence.
  • by planting disciple-making churches in Lewis County, and
  • by adopting an unreached people group and laboring to see them won to Christ.


Adult Discipleship Development

ADD Life

Jesus said “I came that you might have life, and have it abundantly.” Jn 10:10

Look for updates coming soon  

When -


Why - to help us:

  •  Grow in our knowledge and understanding of who God is –
  • Hear from God as He reveals Himself through His word, the Bible –
  • Encourage one another by attending and contributing to the class discussions –
  • Become more comfortable sharing the truth of God’s love with others –
  • Live in the richness of the abundant life Jesus has given us –

 Where – Fellowship hall and Parsonage classrooms: