September 23, 2018

Apple Harvest Festival

The 10th annual Onalaska Apple Harvest Festival is happening October 4-7. 

On Sunday, October 7, we’ll join other churches in our area for a Community Worship Service as part of the Apple Harvest Festival. 

The service will be followed by a pot luck lunch. 

More info to come!




Christmas Shoeboxes 

  Samaritans Purse Logo

It’s that time of year, and the crew is ready to get everyone excited and involved. There are boxes located in the lobby in which to place your donations. Last year we sent 218 boxes, which was very exciting! This year is going to be a bit different, and we will have an exciting announcement to share with everyone on September 30! 


There are lots of things that can be sent, and following is a list of some suggested items (more information can be found on the website at under the What Goes in My Shoebox section, which is nicely broken down by age):


 Personal Care Items


Personal Care Items

Comb, hairbrush, washcloth, bar soap (packaged and/or in a container), adhesive bandages (colorful/themed ones are okay), non-liquid lip balm, flashlight (include extra batteries), and stick deodorant.


 Clothing and Accessories

 Clothing and Accessories

Shirts, pants, underwear, shoes and socks, flip-flops, hat/scarf/mittens, and sunglasses.




Foam ball, kickball (a manual air pump would be nice so the ball can be reinflated), tennis balls, finger puppets, slinky, Etch A Sketch, play cars/trucks/boats, plastic tools, plastic dinosaurs, and interactive toys that include push buttons, lights, and noise (include extra batteries).


School and Craft

School and Craft Items

Pencil case, pencil box, manual pencil sharpener, pens, colored pencils, crayons, markers, coloring pads and books, notebooks, small adhesive tape, glue stick (not liquid glue), picture books, watercolor set, paint brushes, paper to paint on, building blocks, play-dough, and stickers.

Wow Items - Teddy Bear

  “WOW” Items

Doll, soccer ball, stuffed animal, musical instrument (such as harmonica or woodwind), and backpack.




 European Stop Symbol

Be aware that we cannot send any of the following:


Candy; toothpaste; used or damaged items; war-related items such as toy guns, knives, or military figures; chocolate or food; seeds; fruit rolls or other fruit snacks; drink mixes (powdered or liquid); liquids or lotions; medications or vitamins; breakable items such as snow globes or glass containers; aerosol cans.

Young Life News

We are looking for someone (or someones) to provide food at the Youth Center for about 30-35 teens on October 8. See Gale for more info. 

Also, save the date, November 17, for the Young Life fundraiser banquet. 


2018 Women's Retreat

This year’s women’s retreat will be October 12-14 at Falls Creek Retreat Center. 

The theme is “Free to Forgive,” and the cost is $160 for the full weekend, with a $10 discount for those who register by September 16. (Today) 

Greeters and Ushers

Our greeters and ushers welcome visitors and regular attenders to SVCC each Sunday.  Would you like to serve in this way?  We have a few openings for ushers and greeters right now. 

Please contact Leon Gattis, (360) 978-4488. 


A Night of Music

Possibilities Women's Center is hosting its annual Fall Fundraiser on Saturday, September 29th at the Bethel Church in Chehalis.

Attend either the 3PM or 7PM event featuring live entertainment from members of the Voetberg family, dessert, raffles, and stories of hope.

Reservations are FREE and can be made online at or by calling 360-330-2229.



Singing Mice

Attention All Ladies

Bible Study Fellowship resumes on September 13.  We meet here at SVCC every Thursday from 9:30 to 11 am.  The course is free.  No child care is provided.

Come study The People of the Promised Land I:  Following Israel from Joshua to Solomon.  A gold flyer in the lobby lists the many BSF opportunities in the area. 

For more information, please contact Debbie Steele at (360) 978-6068.




Women's Retreat Work Scholarships

SVCC is partnering with SAFE Family Ministries to provide work scholarships to our ladies who desire to attend Women’s Retreat! SVCC will credit $15 per hour to each person’s account up to the cost of the retreat.

What a great opportunity to bless and support the women and ministry of SAFE while being blessed yourself!

Work Scholarship “jobs” at SAFE:

  • Office Work
  • Sorting Donations
  • Yard/Garden Work
  • Cleaning
  • Organizational Event Planning
  • Driving Residents to Appointments

Call Shirley at SAFE to schedule: 360-740-1001

Or for more info call Sarah Crow at: 360-523-0901



Hallmarks of SVCC

Our Church Motto

Teaching and living the truth of God’s grace.


Our Church Purpose Statement

SVCC has a vision to minister three realities near and far.  We aim to be a place:

  • where sin-prone, sin-bound people regularly experience God’s grace, so that they might be saved and eagerly grow in Christ.
  • where grace-loved people are trained to apply relevant biblical truth, so that grace rebuilds lost foundations of spiritual, personal, family, and community life.
  • where grace-loved and truth-trained people gratefully pass along the good things in Christ that they’ve received so that the chain of grace continues unbroken.


Our Church Covenant

  • We commit ourselves, by the grace of God
  • to build up our fellow Christians.
  • to be active participants in congregational life.
  • to guard the unity and purity of the church.
  • to advance the mission of the church.


Our Church Mission Statement

Our mission is Christ’s mission – extending his kingdom by sending out his people to reach the world with his gospel.  This will be done:

  • by equipping our members to become effective disciple-makers in their personal sphere of influence.
  • by planting disciple-making churches in Lewis County, and
  • by adopting an unreached people group and laboring to see them won to Christ.