ADD Life

Our goal at Shoestring is to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  We’re not interested in just doing church.  We’re interested in becoming more like Jesus, and joining him in reaching out to others with the good news and with good deeds.

Central to growing in Christ is becoming familiar with God’s word – learning it, chewing on it, allowing it to shape our lives.  To that end we have ADD Life classes which meet each Sunday from 9:35 am to 10:35 am, during the period between the two worship services.

NOTE: ADD Life Classes are canceled until further notice

ADD Life Classes

9:35 – 10:35 am

 Are you looking for a place to grow stronger in your faith? Do you want to learn more about the good plans God has for you? Are you ready to be a source of encouragement to your family? At SVCC? To your friends and neighbors? Do you want to see the miracle of lives transformed more and more into the image of Jesus? One place you’ll find this, and more is in an Adult Discipleship Development (ADD) Life class. The new semester of classes is starting!

What – one class and an opportunity for prayer:

  1. The Gospel of Luke– Jeff Oien, leader 

Why - to help us:


            Grow in our knowledge and understanding of who God is –

            Hear from God as He reveals Himself through His word, the Bible –

            Encourage one another by attending and contributing to the class discussions –

            Become more comfortable sharing the truth of God’s love with others –

            Learn to live in the richness of the abundant life Jesus has given us –


Where – Fellowship hall and Parsonage classrooms:


                 Fellowship Hall – Gospel of Luke



 This will not be a class about prayer, or about how to pray; we plan to actually pray for most of the time allotted to us. You are welcome to join us in the counseling room in the parsonage building. Gale Van Diest, leader.